I’ve been involved in internet marketing for over 15 years now and have been involved in offline marketing for over 30 years.

I’ve been consulting on my own now for over 12 years, but I use to work as a Consultant, Coach and Mentor for one of the world’s top internet marketing companies started by internet guru Corey Rudl. This company has helped countless people achieve great success on the internet.

For over three years, my job with them was to consult their clients to success. In their employ, I mentored hundreds of internet entrepreneurs. I have seen all kinds of situations and business models. I have seen people who have been taken to the cleaners. People in the wrong market, doing the wrong things, applying the wrong strategies.

I’ve seen people come into the program with high tech websites they don’t need (having paid thousands of dollars for them), services they are overcharged on and don’t need, no basic knowledge of even the most basic success strategies, even though they had spent hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars on books, courses and one-size-fits-all programs.

I’ve seen these things happen over and over again.

Don’t become another statistic. Let me and my team personally help you to accomplish your goals.


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